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About The Backyard Writer

The Backyard Writer grew from my interest in having the freedom and flexibility to work on challenging, diverse writing projects, rather than be confined to a desk job in which I performed one-track writing projects. This coincided with my growing interest in tiny houses and “she sheds,” which were all the rage. So, I posed a project idea to my husband: what if we built a “she shed” in our backyard, with the singular purpose of providing a private, dedicated writing space for my own freelance writing business?

The Studio

My husband got to work. Within a few months, the 96-square-foot, purpose-built space was finished—bringing you The Backyard Writer.

My studio is completely furnished to accommodate my needs and secured to ensure my projects’ – and hence, my clients’ – privacy. 


Since its completion, I have written for multiple clients, completed several textbooks, and penned numerous other projects in the comfort, privacy, and security of my backyard writing studio.


I’m a writer with a long history in news, technical, marketing, and political writing. I’m always looking for new writing opportunities. Please get in touch with me about your writing or editing needs. Lean on my experience to help you reach your audience in a meaningful, professional way!

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