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To say that Angie is a great asset to have at any organization would be completely underselling the amazing totality of what she brings to the table. Angie is by far one of the single most detail oriented and driven individuals that I have had the pleasure of working with. She has a knack for quickly learning complex processes, discerning their gaps and then improving upon them. During the 3 years I worked with Angie she demonstrated this talent time and time again. This resulted in a complete and massive reworking of our team’s documentation in addition to countless other enhancements to our existing processes. In addition to a wide array of technical and analytical skills, Angie also possesses a work ethic second to none. There have been more times than I can remember that Angie was called upon to work long hours or sacrifice her weekend to ensure that a project was completed accurately and on time. Whatever the situation, challenge or role, you can be assured that it’s in good hands if Angie is associated with it.

—Kenny H., Content Manager

As a first-time author and former partner of a major law firm, I highly recommend Angie as editor. Her ability to collaborate on important issues and help underscore the meaning of a message, her attention to detail, her intellect, and most importantly, her gentle but persistent communication style, have been incredibly valuable on our journey to publishing our book “Play Nice – Playground Rules for Respect in the Workplace” and to building content on our website for Play Nice.  Angie will be an important asset on your team!

—Brigitte K., JD and Author

I worked with Angie at an educational publishing house that produces nonfiction for grades K-12. She came highly recommended by a coworker and I can’t thank my coworker enough for putting me in contact with Angie. I was incredibly impressed with her work from our very first project together. It was a rather complicated and highly technical topic, but you would have thought Angie was an expert on the subject! From then on, she was one of my go-to authors! She is devoted to her craft, able to adapt the narrative tone to the subject at hand effortlessly, open to editorial suggestions, meticulous in her research, and on top of meeting deadlines. Not only is Angie an excellent writer, she is also a genuine, warm, and passionate person. Anyone who has the great fortune of working with Angie has struck gold!

—Stacey P., Senior Editor, Educational Publisher

 Angie approaches every task large or small with detailed analysis and contemplative consideration. She thoughtfully composes the right communication piece for her audience as she is always in tune with their needs. In a short time, Angie has become a dependable sounding board when I’m in need of a thoughtful response, and I always trust her judgement.

—Debbie O., women’s organization president

I worked with Angie for several years and was impressed with her commitment to doing the best job she could, working evenings and weekends and seeking out just one more source to round out a story and make sure she was presenting information well. She was always willing to take on additional work, and her attention to detail made her a valuable member of our team. I trusted Angie to give honest feedback while remaining supportive of her colleagues and appreciated her willingness to speak up. On top of that, she is a strong writer able to convey information in an easy-to-understand ways without talking down to the readers and convey her passion for the topic at hand. 

—Heidi T., Assistant Director of Communications,

Northern Arizona University & Former Editor in Chief

Direct and dependable, Angie was a great asset for our team. She had no problem taking control of a process no one knew much about and becoming its champion and knowledge keeper. Angie communicated with the rest of the team in a clear and concise manner that help make what was once a confusing and frustrating part of the job into an organized process with repeatable success. Angie is a dedicated worker, and any team would be lucky to have her.

—Jeff M., Web Content Manager

Angie always looked to do more. She built relationships with various teams and actively solicited more work for the technical writing team. She never became complacent, and she continually updated her skills to stay ahead of the curve.

—Josh G., Senior Manager, Professional Services Solutions

Angie came on board in the middle of our campaign and proceeded to jump in with both feet. She was up to speed on the policy details in such a short time frame that it seemed as if she’d always been part of the team. She completely revamped our social media communications, was a huge part of crafting responses to difficult policy issues, and worked personally to create a team-oriented attitude that carried us forward to the end of the campaign. Angie was very easy to work with and very easy to contact when needed. She went “above and beyond” on all fronts, and I am honored to be able to recommend her without reservation.

—Julie L., state representative political candidate and community activist

Angie became an indispensable resource for 3 reasons: 1) She quickly learned our process and needs 2) She adapted a comprehensive process to support those needs 3) She was always responsive and exceptionally positive about her role at Optimal. I enjoyed working with this highly organized and proactive person every day.

—Sam B., Talent Acquisition Business Partner

It’s hard to truly state in words the value Angie brings to the team. She has the perfect balance of politeness and assertiveness when making points of intellect that have been missed by others. Angie always took our team a level or two deeper when working on how our phrasing, framing, and ultimately messaging could best be communicated. Her talents coupled with her tireless work ethic make working with her a pleasure. I highly recommend bringing Angie on to your team and/or your next project.

—Sam J., Attorney

In all my time working with copywriters, the best always have a curiosity that extends into their every action coupled with a keen eye for detail. Angie has both of these traits and more. Her journalistic approach has allowed us to approach multiple industries, subjects, and audiences with a creative and compelling nature that grabs the reader’s attention while conveying the right brand messaging points at the right time. We’ve motivated fundraising efforts, voter’s turnout, apartment applications, book sales, and engagement in emails, social media, and from the press. Angie has been wonderful in project management and client oversight along with identifying and building out necessary processes and trainings for both internal and external stakeholders. It is my pleasure to continue working with Angie on copy writing and editing endeavors as I know through our partnership she helps me deliver a turnkey approach for all of my marketing agency clients at Bright Social Agency.

—Cris H., Marketer & Co-Founder, Bright Social Agency

I had the pleasure of working with Angie and seeing first-hand her commitment to the success of a project. Any task assigned to her is in very capable hands. She constantly looks for ways to exceed expectations and add value to the company. She has an impressive work ethic, going to great lengths to put the finishing touches on each project. To top it off, she is a great unifier, is the epitome of a team player, and is an absolute joy to work with.

—Katrina P., Content Manager

Angie is a highly effective written and verbal communicator who is capable of tailoring information to specific audiences. She is highly skilled at working independently but also is a valued member of any team setting..

—Lindsey P., Attorney

Angie’s work ethic and positive attitude make her a valuable asset to any team. Her intelligence, resourcefulness, and diligence is appreciated by all her colleagues.

—Lindsey P., Attorney

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